In the 8 regions where the we work:

  • 84% live in poverty
  • 41% live in extreme poverty
  • 150,000 indigenous people in the Sierra Tarahumara. Groups: rarámuri, rarómari, tepehuans, and guarojíos or pimas.

Human Development Index (HDI)

  • 49.1% below the national average.
  • Region of Batopilas has a HDI lower than that of Niger, the country with the lowest HDI in the world.
  • Isolation and dispersion
  • Depletion of natural resources
  • Absence of governmental social programs
  • No access to basic needs such as water, sufficient food, and health services.

Food Poverty

  • Subsistence agriculture: Local diet largely dependent on subsistence agriculture.
  • Environmental degradation: Most communities are unable to produce enough food to meet their nutritional requirements due to the lack of fertile soil and water.
    • Soils: Deforestation of entire forests and the ongoing exploitation of land that has devastated soils and made them unfit for cultivation.
    • Water: Climate changes have led to severe droughts, and altered rain cycles, while human exploitation has dried up water sources.